The Challenge of Education Today

We believe that the challenge in education today is not so much a technical one, but an ethical one, one that has more to do with human relationships in the classroom, the confidence in the capacities of every person to teach and learn, and the abilities to learn and share in society.

If the condition to learn is to follow one’s interests – and strengthen those interests by receiving comprehension and support from those who know more, it is clear that what needs to be changed in basic education is the reluctance to teach and learn.

More alarming are basic indicators like early school leavers that show lost years of those who teach and learn without real interests, without experiencing the inner satisfaction of what they have achieved or shown publicly.

The Remedy

The remedy to reset educational relationships to give room for the meeting of people who have the interests to teach and learn.

This change has its place in the same unit of the system – the meeting of teacher and student in the midst of content. The reforms implemented today – new texts, better equipment, introduction of new information techonologies, better planning etc – support this – but for now, we must insist on the transformation of the nucleus of educational practice, the relationship between teacher and students who commit to learn topics (or temas) in basic education.

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Our Model

FiftyFold (through Aprender con Interés) discovered the Tutorial Relationships (la relación tutora or tutoría) model the medium that can be accessed by any teacher or group of students that want to focus on human relationships in teaching and learning.

What defines la relación tutora is the agreement, or a contract between one who has a concrete competency and whoever desires to acquire it.

The effect of tutoría is the transformation in the conventional classroom to a community of learning where everyone has the capacity to teach and learn. Instead of seeing teaching as limited – reduced to the person of the teacher – teaching is expanded to form a network to teachers and students who teach and learn in personalized relationships. This network is recreated in each node where a tutor supports a learner, so that this learner will then become tutor to other learners in the same material.

The immediate effect of the network of tutoría is the ability to reach two important educational goals – quality and equality. Socially, the network creates a more informed supportive citizenry, sure of their personal power – the world’s best distributed resource.

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(Translated & adapted from Aprender Con Interés)

Our Bold Idea

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