The Tutoring Dialogue: How does it work?

Tutoria Cycle

Personal Level: Personalized Dialogue

1. Interest: Choose Tema
Teacher offers their students a variety of Inquiry Projects (called “Temas” in-line with the school curriculum, see below) that they have created. Students choose the topic of the most interest to them and begin their individual line of inquiry.

2. Personalized Dialogue
Teachers guide their students to build upon their prior knowledge through thoughtful questioning and discussion. Students arrive at their own conclusions, master the concepts required in the Tema and go deeper in areas that require more attention.

3. Research
Along this line of inquiry, students work as researchers and use their textbooks and other materials as resources to observe patterns, experiment, discover and understand fundamental concepts of that topic.

4. Reflection
After completing the Tema, students reflect on their learning process, how they learned, on the mistakes they made and the tutoring process.

5. Demonstration of Learning
At the end of the term, each student prepares a presentation to share on their Tema completed during that term. The presentation builds confidence and creates a shared learning culture in the classroom and school.

6. Become a Tutor
Finally the students convert into tutors of others who are also interested in learning the Tema they have mastered. They are trained to create a Tutoring Guide explaining basic concepts used in the Tema and outlining questions to guide their learner. As they tutor, students reinforce and enrich their own learning and get better at the practice of tutoring.

7. Build a Learning Community through Academic Exchanges & Design Temas
The knowledge created at school in this way converts into a common good accessible to anyone who has the desire to learn it. A Learning Community is created between schools working in Tutorial Relationships and anyone who visits it can join in.

The community also works to plan and design Temas that can then be passed onto others in the community. Anyone can be invited to be part of the network as more-knowledgable-others or a resource during the process of Tema creation and design.

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  Tutoría Toolkit

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Redes Impact Report

A report on the state of Tutoria and Redes de Tutoria’s work up to 2017.