IMG_1201 Alison Ling, Director of Finance & Founding Member

Alison ( comes to FiftyFold with over 30 years in the finance industry. She has a deep love for educational change in Southeast Asia and has been part of the implementation and tutoring team at Shuqun Secondary in Singapore, Padoongrasdra school Chiang Rai Vittayakhome school, and Sahasat school in Thailand. Prior to her involvement in FiftyFold, Alison has lead learning exchanged across Singapore and Thailand for the past 19 years, in particular, coordinating and working with Lahu leadership in northern Thailand. Alison’s commitment to seeing education as a source of healing through deep relational change is a driving force of our work and how we design towards healthy, sustainable, and just family futures. Alison is a founding member of FiftyFold; she continues to shape how FiftyFold grows in Southeast Asia.


Meixi Bio

Meixi, Director of Strategy & Research, FiftyFold 

Meixi ( is interested in how education systems can heal our relationships with lands, waters, and each other, instead of being a source of trauma and dispossession for communities.

Her work involves uncovering stories, upholding family knowledge systems, and building collectives that advance more just and sustainable ways of living.

Meixi’s Ph.D. in Learning Sciences and Human Development explore this in the context of Indigenous education in Thailand, and is largely driven and informed by her childhood experiences with the Lahu community.

Prior to her Ph.D., Meixi taught at NorthLight school and Shuqun Secondary, and was part of the Redes de Tutoría in the Mexican Ministry of Education to transform Mexico’s “failing” 9000 schools in the country through a pedagogy called Tutoría. Meixi collaborated with the national team to build a network of schools that shared learning and improved instructional practice at scale. In Mexico, she explored how schools healed broken communities from the inside out through a radical new way of teaching and learning, called “relación tutora” – that is, by changing the human relationships in the classroom.

Every day she gained deep insights about educational policy and how to bring educational change to her part of the world. Since then, she founded FiftyFold in Singapore and Thailand as an extension of that very work in Mexico. She continues to expand this educational model and learning network across the Pacific to Southeast Asia and has been working to co-design learning spaces with teachers and students in public schools.

She is Director of Research and Strategy at FiftyFold to focus on research and implementation strategy in Southeast Asia. Meixi is a Redes de Tutoría board member and continues to laise with the Tutoría teams in Mexico, Chile, and Nigeria.


Pam Chirathivat, President, FiftyFold Board & Founding member

Pam ( began shaping the idea of FiftyFold back in 2013 with Meixi and Alison. A graduate of Stanford’s business school, Pam has had a passion for educational and environmental justice in Thailand. Her vision for educational change in Thailand is connected to her love for lands and seas surrounding the country. As an avid diver, she has worked to protect the lands and waters and see education as a way to advance that goal. She has headed up FiftyFold’s fundraising efforts in Thailand, as well as our Public Relations strategy in the country as beyond. Pam currently serves as FiftyFold’s board President.


Panthiwa Theechumpa, Senior Administrative Manager

Panthiwa Theechumpa ( is a Thai teacher working at a secondary school. She was born and grew up in a family of educators. She went to her parents’ schools and that gave her lasting impressions of working with students, teachers and families. She loves to discover new things as it comes to be a part in her own life. She finished Master Degree in Education, and after meeting Meixi and learning about this work, Panthiwa decided to join the team with her to help support students, teachers, schools and families. She has been in this work since 2016. Since then, working in Tutoría schools in Thailand has been made her love to learn and learn to love with others.


Sukanda Kongkaew, Director, Tutoría Thailand

Sukanda Kongkaew ( is a Thai teacher teaching English at her own English language school. She has been traveling to many different schools in Thailand to work with teachers, students, and students’ parents in different communities and schools. Her passion for seeing learning development among us, humans, drives her to do her best to see talents in other people and encourage people to use them creatively. Because she was born into a teacher family, living in both a rural community and suburban communities, she has realized how school, community, family can share their roles to encourage Love to Learn and Learn to Love. She has been in this journey since 2014 after she was deeply moved by her students’ learning stories at school.