We create an OLE Community: where there’s Ownership and leadership of school and community, Love for life-long learning and Excellence or Mastery of academic content through sharing. At the heart of it, we create a Community of sharing that is at the very heart of this  academic movement and paradigm shift.

  • Ownership of school and community

Students are active in not only their own learning but in the learning of others. Their newly discovered sense of ownership spreads to the larger community as more students feel empowered to lead and create change.

  • Love for life-long learning

Individual deep conceptual understanding is the foundation to spark interest and curiosity and a joy to learn. Through academic dominance, students gain their confidence to be challenged and stretched even further, fuelling even high levels of learning.

  • Excellence in academic mastery

Students learn key skills to be life-long learners. Through Tutorial Relationships, students and teachers improve core competencies of learning: curiosity, critical thinking, effective questioning, perseverance, investigation, experimentation, imagination and reflection as they get better in the practice of tutoring.

  • Community

In TR, learning relationships are horizontal as everyone is involved in teaching and learning. The call of every student and teacher is to master content so that they can then tutor and share their work with another. Through purposeful opportunities to tutor and share content knowledge within and outside the classroom, students and teachers also learn the art of tutoring. Learning is constantly strengthened and is exponentially empowering for all. Individual tutors and their schools are connected to form the tutoring network, creating a truly generative learning community where learning becomes common property to all. Learning from school spills out to the community and schools become a source of deep transformation for those involved in it.